Monday, June 22, 2009

Another Kampar Visit

Last weekend, I gone to Kampar...
I should say,
"Kampar is DAMN HOT!"

Kampar, 3pm looks like 12noon >_<

After I found Guang, Loong & XP,
we cracked our brain to think where to go.

At last, we had our yum char(LOL) session at Kampar KFC.
then shop around there...
until the sun is ok for us to have a walk at Westlake Garden.

Cute doggy ler ^^

We decided to take some photos since we got cameras,
and we found that Loong have another special abilities:

Kampar Westlake =D

We using Guang & XP as model...@_@

(p/s: sorry Guang all photos I think only this looks better la >.<)


  1. hor. karchun went to kampar also didnt find me lor.

  2. tht day is saturday lea...
    u accompany ur mummy at ipoh...
    u gam 5 gua zhu me la? ^o^