Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sitiawan + Lumut Trip =P

1 day,
Nicholas asked me and Loong going Sitiawan for visit his friend, Poven.
Since I didn't going there before,
so I 'soh gang gang-ly' follow to there. xD

Once we there,
Loong & me decided to find Hung gor to yum char/cc.
he's busy while we decided not to join Nicholas to find Poven.
Deep deep shit ler =(

So we have to jalan-jalan,
cari cc... xD

Indian temple @ Sitiawan

Nice VW!
(quoted by Kew Zong Hao; September 24, Year 2009.)

The drink that makes me & Loong still alive in Sitiawan aka Burning Fire Town.
Why I said burning fire town?
This because it's way more hotter than Ipoh, KL, Kampar >_<

Next station: Lumut

sea~ so beautiful

Feel so good when at seaside...
That time I'm feel so hyperactive xD

Feel lazy to put even more photos,
so that's all for today ^^

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