Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 New Year Countdown

After so many & many laziness and busy with assignments,
it's time for me to update this stuff ler =D
Sorry to keep everyone waiting, haha.

First, lets talk about new year countdown.
This time in 1 Utama,
but then The Curve again -.-

Let the picture do talking ;)

the main attraction for me in 1U... =D

Terrance's coursemates and ThaiBoy =)
People that with me celebrating countdown,
anyway thanks so much ^^

But we failed to hold on until Beyond appear, ishh!

*Since everyone saying 1U have no fun at all...
so we decided to our next station: The Curve~!*

"I saw Uncle Lim... @_@"

Let's have fun in there,
I'm really enjoy spraying people xD

Thats all for my old post.
More post will be coming soon, hehe.

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