Saturday, March 13, 2010

Week 3 is already over.

In this 7 days,
a lot of things happened.

For my group,
we brainstorm-ed again and again.
Arguments are a lot.
Sorry if I make anyone of you fed up.

Both so "亲密" hor?
They just keep warm for each other lar =P

My assignments?
Yeah frickin' fucked up!
Late submission of proposal...
you knew what's happened next right? >=|
[somebody may feel happy for this, 幸灾乐祸 haha]

That incident happened for almost a week
or 7 days/168 hours/10080 minutes/604800 seconds.
I bet you seriously pissed off because me.
I'm trying to contact you.
You keep ignoring me.
It's my fault, i shouldn't being so mean. Sorry.
Tell me, should I try harder or what?

Something stupid but quite dangerous happened in my house.
Main door can't open because all parts loose already.
We can't out at all.
Thanks to:
- All my neighbours
- Housemate's friends
- Nicholas's fried pan

Compass vs Door Lock? wtf.

We can't go out from home because of you =.=

Keep going on to Week 4.

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