Thursday, July 8, 2010


Polaroid photos is a fashion nowadays and even become a craze.
Even my friends did have their polaroid cameras too.

Although the camera comes cheap (approx. Rm180-RM300),
but the film aka photo papers...
Which around RM5 per piece (if I ain't mistaken)
It could burn a hole on your pocket for those heavy polaroid-graphers.

Today Gacky showed me something quite poisonous (haha xD), yet not hurt our babe wallet.
It's the Poladroid post-processing software. (Get it here.)
I'm enjoyed throwing all my picture to the "Polaroid camera" and let it do the rest.
It's so easy and fun! (Yeah you can skip all those Adobe thingy then :D)

Here's some of my "masterpiece", hope you don't mind for being 摆上台 :P

This two photos are chosen by We Love Colours.
Do vote my photo after you "like" the fan page, thanks for your help!

Seriously I love this 1 wehh, too bad they are not going for this :(

Pudu Jail, one of the Malaysia's heritage that are going to lost.

Patrick's 21.

Sheau Pey gonna kill me I think :o

Trademark of Sunway Pyramid :D

Enjoy the Poladroid and remember do vote me, please~~ =D

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