Monday, September 27, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 For Life

Talk about life...
Now we all (bloggers) are doing their best to go through and get the iPhone 4,
just like what happen on Plants vs Zombies.
Zombies are eager to go through all obstacles and go to eat peoples' brain.
But we only want iPhone 4, at least in more kindly way :D
*oh my gosh my head was 1st time edited become like this*

Hope DiGi and Nuffnang can see my effort,
and gift me that iPhone 4 :D
I definitely sayang DiGi and Nuffnang even more, haha

That's the end for DiGi iPhone 4 series of blog posts.
Wish everyone good luck and congratulation to the lucky guy/girl who will got that iPhone 4 at 1st. =)

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