Saturday, December 18, 2010

Yik Loong's 21st

Just a short post about my bro, Loong's birthday.

That night we went quite a lot place,
had a lot of celebrations,
and just fine that all bros over here =')
I'm appreciate that moments...

This 2 fella are so gay :P

At last I got to drink Kilkenny, an Irish beer
*taste so Chinese Tea, ugh*

Don't see I smile until like "I'm fine"
Actually I'm not, and still eating lemon and drinking beer to de-stress =\

Sorry Loong I'm just able drop you back at 12.02a.m.,
even drive at fastest speed that I could.
Make your Syberia waiting to fry rice celebrate with you. =X

But finally we did managed to captured some bro photos,
this kind of chances are so rare =D


Thanks bros, again =')

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