Saturday, January 8, 2011

My 2011's Luck

Today doesn't seems in mood to update my KL, Penang day trip
or my NYE BBQ party...or even a post about Imma small small tour guide in Ipoh.
I'm just too lazy for that man, haha

First I want to wish anyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!!!

Then I want to share something related to my horoscope, Libra
(Yeah I'm not a person that so into it, but after an hurtful + tearful + maximum sadness incident make me feel some of it are true... =\)

As what they said from HERE,
2011年十二星座最红: 【事业最红】1.天秤;2.天蝎;3.水瓶;4.白羊;5.双鱼;6.狮子。

"hahahaha, oh really? that's make me gone LMAO"


"hell yeah, I'm so picky until I found my loved one with lots of problem...
but now it's already over :)"

最有异性缘的星座投票结果:1.狮子2069票 占总票数28%;2.天秤1746票 占总票数10%;3.双鱼952票 9%;4.水瓶795票 8%;5.天蝎669票 8%;6.:射手564票 8%;7.白羊:529票 7%;8.双子:442票 4%;9.金牛:293票 4%;10.巨蟹:278票 3%;11.魔羯:249票 3%;12.处女:198票 2%。

"please lar, don't make me laugh lo...that's so impossible"

While for others, I think no need to post out since it just so-so result only.
You can just look over on that webpage.

As conclusion, we must control our own life...
not Feng Shui/Horoscope to affect it.

& Never ever love someone too deep unless he/she gives equivalent amount that you gave, this is totally true for Libra who pursuing balance.
Cheers buddy ;)

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