Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yum Char Session @ Genting Klang

After our 1st Media Planning lecture...
(Our lecturer Ms Sheila/Shit la/whatever is totally PHAILED!)
we went to 好地方@Genting Klang

The Making of...

Tadaa...(Children please dont learn from him) xD

1 of the pairs - Dessy Jessy, funny ler

Another pair, Yang & Peggy =)

Peggy seems like wanna be another camwhore queen after Bibi...

Kenneth, having his marvellous lunch

Yang cutting his 'Pork-Chop-Pau' professionally,
he already du lan that stuff.

We did enjoyed our lunch times at there but not those food & drinks,
green tea dont know is tea or pee...
And I accidentally drank a ice blended strawberry,
actually I ordered a Strawberry-Apple-Orange =S

I hope no next time.

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  1. LOL! Why suddenly mention me? -.-
    camwhore queen pulak! XD