Monday, June 1, 2009

After wake up from my nap,
wow thats a horrible nightmare.

I dreamed I missed a people so badly & I can't contact her =X
dengz!!! (ishh is quite not suitable to my way haha ^^)

Forget about that,
I log into DAV2's forum after I saw Boon sent me a virus look alike MSN message =.=
I found that this time Translation of BM, English & Chinese is almost same as Translation of BM & English.
Is it they start to regret for not taking Chinese on last semester? =D
Here's the lists for those 2 subjects:

Then I went to Meng Cong's blog,
I saw he confuse on which 3 blog of mine is still active,
so he said he have to think properly before relink =="
So I write some words,
include foul words in his chatbox.
Then I  found that I can't type any English foul words in that chatbox! >.<
It becomes **** instead of the words i want!

Today kinda lazy to post pictures,
sorry to my readers ya =X