Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shah Alam Trip

In last saturday,
Me, Kj, JessyDessy, Kav, Chee Lek, Sheau Pey & Melissa
gone to a Shah Alam trip.

1stly, we went to that place which have a lot of forest trees.
They said the point visit there is for the 4 Season House.

we failed to arrive there before rains.
+ I hate their bicycle,

Proton Satria Neo CPS (Cacat Pasang Spoiler =.=")


Because rain, we leave there disappointed-ly.
Woon Loong aka "Garmin GPS with a slow processor",
guiding us to a nice dim sum shop at Kelana Jaya.

This is how we finish the food =P

Kj having his tea, while Sheau Pey spin her head right round~haha

Dessy & Jessy's trademark pose

Woon Loong seems so happy leh...

Melissa loves to mix whatever to become a new brand of sauce.

Jessica~ Desmond no need gup me gua lol

Oh ya we prepared some great Birthday presents to June, Chee Lek, Woon Loong...
(wicked smile)

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