Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sudden Ipoh Mali Gathering @ Genting Highlands

Yesterday I got Nicholas's call around 4pm,
he ask for a gathering at Genting at night.
Tau Hon & Ivan were go along with us too =)

Then we met Alvin,
Nicholas's coursemate,
who is Penang kia x Ipoh Mali.
(his Gen-2 damn power + nice bassy exhaust sound wehh ^O^)

Afro Man + Botak Tai Kor

When Nicholas become Agua =O

After dinner and a few rounds of walk in 1st World Plaza,
Nicholas and Alvin need some private talk.
So me, Ivan & Tau Hon went snooker again...

Ivan damn pro in snooker ler...

My noob face when snooker,
sorry if I did spoil your eyes.

Real Funny =D

Afro + Gen2 madman + Pajero slowpoke

p/s: Alvin drives very pro when downhill at Genting, impressive.

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