Thursday, June 4, 2009

Since last week till now,
I'm slowly getting du lan aka mm song...
it because of many looks nerdy/undersea creatures
got hot/pretty/nice/good gf >_<
by their rides!

Another reasons is...
I'm really fed up of taking damn much of notes/textbooks,
to walk(because no car to deliver) around from printing shops...
until college!
Make me can't study well/easily hot tempered/tired

felt quite unfair...
so I must worked damn 9 hard
sleep damn 9 less
to get my dream car (if nothing bad happens):

Honda EG6

Honda EK9(all time favourite!)

Honda Integra DC5(Ms Theresa's car O.O)

Honda S2000

The Badass in Honda...NSX!

***Hope I got one of them...(dreaming again =X)***

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