Thursday, August 26, 2010


My Compaq seems had some 'diseases' recently since last week,
it doesn't want to 'eat', 'talk' and 'hear' what I said.

So today I bring it to the HP 'specialist hospital' in Damansara Height.
I hope there's any miracle happen...

After a 'full body check' by 'doctor'.
He confirmed to me that it already 'deaf' and 'mute', and it can't 'eat' any CD until I replaced it.
By the way he told me, it's 'internal organ' starts to weaken...maybe it can't get over it's 4 years old birthday...

Seriously I'm not happy to lose a 'good friend' of mine.
It cheers up my life since my college life starts,
but now... =(

No matter how I must 'cure' it to back like usual.

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